Who Am I? (And Am I Someone Worth Knowing?)


In the opera La Boheme, Rodolfo romances Mimi by answering the self-asked question, “Who Am I?” Allow me to respond as well: “Who am I? I’m a writer. What do I do? I write. How do I live? I live.” I know their story ends badly. Mimi dies as the doctor is coming and everyone thinks she’s asleep. I don’t want anyone to drop dead. I mean, how else could you leave a comment below?

I believe that every post should have some cash value for those of you who take your time to read this (and I thank you). This is true even for an Icebreaker type of first post. I will try to leave you with something worthwhile so that you’ll want to come back and even tell your friends, and possibly some of your enemies (who knows, but they may become friends again).

I like sports, especially baseball. I enjoy all music, except for country and rap. Most of all, I love opera. More than anything else, I love and fear God, and my faith is the most important ting in my life. In the past I have blogged about politics, religion, and even opera. For a while I hosted a very general, quite vanilla-tasting blogsite that quite stream-of-consciously posted whatever was in my head at the time. It was pretty much an expanded version of Facebook status. Thankfully, that one is dead, so let’s keep it buried.

I mostly like to read modern American writers, such as Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Faulkner. I find great pleasure in the plays of Williams, O’Neill, and Miller. I also enjoy a good Russian author, like Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Pushkin, Turgenev, Pasternak, or Chekov. Lately I’ve taken a shine to neo-Classical German writers, particularly Goethe and Schiller. I was even reading Beaumarchais at breakfast this morning (I know he’s French, but he is of their ilk).

Let me get the unpleasantness out of the way. I don’t like British novels. Dickens and Austen make me want to scream. There has been a rare piece float across my transom that I thought was okay, but for the most part, I don’t do British novels. That does not mean I don’t enjoy any British literature. Shakespeare, Chaucer, Milton, and Byron are amongst my favorites. And let us all say this together: I will have nothing to do with teen-aged wizards or sparkly vampires. And the less said about popists like Dan Brown and Rudy Anaya the better.

So who am I? I am one of you. I am a writer, I think a good writer, who still has much to learn about our craft. I’m not a know-it-all, but I’m not a complete dummy either. I guess I’m a know-it-some. I’ll share with you what I know and what I am figuring out. Most importantly, I want to learn from you, so I need your feedback. Leave a comment and I will take it to heart. My plans are to post every Monday and Thursday. I’ll see you soon, and watch out for that Edwin Drood.


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4 responses to “Who Am I? (And Am I Someone Worth Knowing?)

  1. Don’t be dissing on Jane, Neal! LOL Good start to your blog! Will be reading.

  2. tammyjrizzo

    Good first post, Neal. 🙂 Keep it up! And you should so try Bujold – she’s not British, and she’s very character-driven.

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