World Domination: Part One – I Think I Can

I recently made a list of my goals, both short and long term. The last item I placed under my long-term goals was World Domination. It’s more than petting a furry, white cat. No nukes or spies needed. Also, this is not like Nebuchadnezzar or Alexander marching an army over the map. By World Domination I mean something very specific. I want to write a book that takes over the world. I want to come up with the idea that everyone talks about.

Resolve & Confidence

No one can take over the world until that person has made up his mind that he is going to do just that, as well as how it is to be done. Consider a couple of examples from literature.

Claus van Clausewitz, a Prussian general who fought against Napoleon, wrote the definitive treatise on marshal theory, and it is entitled On War. He said that the single greatest thing needed for victory is not the biggest army, the best-trained soldiers, or even the smartest generals. The one thing more than anything an army needs to win is Resolve.

Further, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a Harvard economist, wrote a book about streaks in athletics. Why does it seem the Yankees always win? Because they feel as if they are entitled. Why do the Cubs always lose? Because they feel cursed. The name of her book is Confidence.

Essence Precedes Existence

These two aspects, resolve and confidence, are both fruit from the same tree: the kind of attitude that goes into success. You need to know deep down that you can take over the world, that it’s yours for the plunder.

Also, you must make up your mind that you are going to take over the world no matter what that requires of you. Nothing stands between you and World Domination except you. Realize that you cannot blame your Creative Writing teacher or your writing group. It is absurd to find fault with the agents and the publishers when you do not succeed.

Fight The Good Fight

I hope you understand that I am not talking of arrogance that smells of smugness to others, or of delusion that targets you for ridicule. It’s just that no one succeeds by accident, and those who work hard with that unflagging Little Engine mindset can take over the world.

Have you ever seen an interview of a boxer or a cage fighter? They always talk about how they are the best in the world and no one can best them, despite their lack of both a championship and a perfect record. You can have resolve and confidence and still never take over the world, but World Domination is impossible without both of these bolted to your heart.

I can’t want to hear your opinions. If you have any thoughts you might like to share, please leave a Comment in the section below.



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3 responses to “World Domination: Part One – I Think I Can

  1. World domination is a little outside my genre, but… all writers create universes. It goes with the territory. Me? I’m concentrating on MONSTERS. My ebook series of Candy’s Monsters ( Not looking to take over the world, just to tell a good story and get it out there to people who will enjoy it.

  2. JeriWB

    I totally agree about The Little Engine That Could mindset! Thanks for the inpirational post.

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