World Domination: Part II – You Can Judge A Book By Its Cover

I heard about a good trick that can help you when you confidence wanes, maybe from the frustrations that are common to great writing, or the troubles of writer’s block, or even the overwhelmingness of World Domination. Take a hardcover book from your shelf. Make sure it’s one of your favorites. Make a new dust cover for it, but this time it’s for your book that you are working on.

A Handy Trick

Landscape a legal size page on your computer. Split it in half with about an inch or so in the middle. That will be the spine of your book. Leave the ends to be folded over to the inside. Design the cover of your book on the right half. Make sure the title dominates, but you want your name to be big, too. You probably want your name to be bigger than it would be on a published book.

If you want, put some clip art or some design there, as well. Put your title and your name on the spine. On the back, you can put blurbs. And this is the best part. You get to make these up to say anything you want from any person you wish. Alive or dead, it doesn’t matter. Have your favorite authors complement your book. Print this page out and tape the ends to the inside cover.

And now you can see a book, your book, and how it might appear to a reader.  I guarantee you that nothing will put starch in your stride more than holding a real book with your name on it and the title of whatever it is you are working on.

Place it prominently beside your computer as you write. When you think, “This is hard,” look at the book, and you will find the courage to go on. When you feel as if you cannot write another word, pick up the book and hold it. You have my promise that nothing will fill your sails faster than this.

Show It Off

Also, be sure to carry it around with you. People will ask, “What is that?” You can tell them it’s your book. If they know anything about you, they probably know you are a writer. They may even ask to see it. Give it to them, and watch the expression on their faces change when they open it and realize it’s just a copy of The Last Tycoon.

That gives you another chance to explain what you did and why, and you will be recharged once more. Believe me, it works. So it seems that you can judge a book by its cover, if the cover is the one you have made for your own book. Now get busy on that cover and rake in all of the Resolve and Confidence you need to take over the world.

So what do you do when you feel overwhelmed by your writing? What visual tricks do you use? Let me know in the Comments section below.

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One response to “World Domination: Part II – You Can Judge A Book By Its Cover

  1. JeriWB

    I tinker with “possible” book covers too. I don’t have the time to learn photoshop, but am excited about PicMonkey. It’s true that envisioning a draft in its final form can work wonders on the brain during the seemingly never-ending drafting process.

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