World Domination Part III – Dominating With Your Brand

To take over the world you must be different in some way. This comes naturally to some, but full of pain for others. I have always enjoyed a large vocabulary. I try to use different words to keep them in practice, because it is quite true that you lose what you don’t use. Now it’s a habit, quite thoughtless.

Your Youness

This comes into play in my novel writing. It’s not like I use big words on purpose. I never pour through the Thesaurus function on my laptop trying to amp up the words. But I have the skill and the willingness to say things a little differently than how they might usually be said. If my writing is just like everyone else’s, then why and I writing? Often I will express a thought in the manner that I do simply because I can.

Being different just for the sake of being different can make you seem as an oddball. Being different because it is a part of your personality makes you truly unique. And in the field of writing, it is this uniqueness that contributes to your Voice. I am starting to believe that it is a writer’s Voice that may be the most important aspect of their composition. It must be distinct and genuine.

This can be problem for some because their manifestation of being different is simply lacking people or relationship skills. You can’t take over the world by annoying others. Just remember that World Domination is the prerogative of the extrovert and the exercise of the gregarious.


Today, if you are a writer, you are probably a blogger. While you may want your novels to take over the world, it is also a viable consideration to see how you blog might play a part in your World Domination. Again, it comes down to uniqueness. I can only blog differently from the others if I am the most Neal Abbott I can be in my blog posts.

Make the bulk, if not the entirety, of your posts be about you, your work, and how you approach it. This has been called pillar content, or flagship content, but I refer to it as Motherload content. Miners do not pick for traces, but for large veins. The same is true for blog readers. Your blogs should be a Motherload of interesting and practical posts.

How many times have you wandered across an interesting blog on creative writing, only to one day be disappointed because the post was about a tasty guacamole dip? You lose interest quickly, and maybe never go back.

Besides writing, my two loves are baseball and opera, but you will never see me blog on these here. I am a devout Christian man, and as important as my faith is to me, I will not blog about religion here. I need to keep it to creative writing. More to the point, my blogs must focus on what I can contribute to the general discussion of writing. That will keep these posts unique, and I hope, special for you.

Your Success

So when I speak of taking over the world, what do I really have in mind? As a writer there are several gauges for success. You need to be specific in what you want. For some, success is becoming rich from book sales. For others, it might be seeing ones work become blockbuster movies. Some might aspire to top the Times list.

So let me tell you what I have in mind for World Domination. I want to have the respect that comes from being amongst the world’s greatest writers. I want my name to be mentioned alongside Joyce and Faulkner. Maybe the greatest tangible sign of this respect might be the college curriculum. I would like some English major someday to sit down and try to figure out his schedule for the upcoming semester, and have to decide if he is going to take a class in Hemmingway, or Fitzgerald, or Abbott.

My books may not ever be taught in a university, unless I am the professor (which is another long term goal of mine, just after I get a Ph.D., yet another long term goal). Even if they are, it may be fifty or a hundred years after I am gone. So this is a success I may never be around to enjoy. So for me, it must be about the journey more than the destination. I must be satisfied that I did my best and planted seeds in the fields of literature that one day may or may not produce such fruit.

The point is to have clear goals. Just saying that you want to succeed doesn’t quite get it. Define world Domination in specific terms that satisfy you, and work to get there. Whether you do or not, you would have done your best and left some kind of mark, if only on those who know and love you.

What is World Domination for you? What is your Brand? Let me know in the Comments section.


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