The Golden Rule & Blogging

The idea of treating people the way you want to be treated is a grand notion where it is never wrong to apply. It even works in the world of blogging. If a blog is all about me, my message, my products, and my success, then it will soon die, and rightly so.

Other bloggers have said things similar to what this post will say. Some use the phrase as I do, the Golden Rule, and others refer to Paying It Forward, but it is still the same concept. But there is one vital difference. Most talk about helping your readers and other bloggers because it will eventually pay out and lead to some kind of success for yourself. Our work as bloggers should be about helping others and nothing more.

How this Applies To Your Readers

Right now there are more blogs on the Internet than Johnson’s has pills. A total stranger who happens across my site has no reason to care at all about Neal Abbott, or the message burning in my heart, or my wonderful books that will change their life. I need to engineer my site for you, the reader.

I have found a few blogsites that are petty and indulgent, and I move along quickly. People stay with a blog because they find it informative, motivational, or entertaining. You have needs and if this blog can address them, then I should try.

To be sure, there are plenty of things this blog cannot do. It’s just a simple blog on the subject of creative writing. If you need help in finances, I can’t help. If you’re looking for a blog to help you train your dog, I’m sorry, look elsewhere. But if you are a writer always looking to build your craft, I will do what I can with this blog to help you.

This means I need to know you want from this blog. I crave your input. Let me know in the Comments section below how I can help you as a writer, or you may email me at Please let me know how I can help, because this blog is for you, not me.

How This Applies To Other Bloggers

There are a few bloggers out there who advise their blogger-readers to help out other bloggers. Again, this is done to leverage some sort of favor from them when you need them. This is both selfish and sad. I believe in helping out other bloggers, but merely because they have a need with which I can help.

I might follow a blog, but not to compel them to follow me, but us because I like the blog. I may leave a Comment, not for name recognition, but to participate. Sometimes I’ll retweet a good post, and never expect a retweet from them. I have written a few bloggers an encouraging email thanking them for their hard work merely to be uplifting. As a Christian man, it is not much of a move from love thy neighbor which should be a part of my faith and demonstrating the Golden Rule as a blogger. I would like to encourage the same from all my fellow bloggers. Instead of seeing how many bloggers can help you succeed, why not try to see how many bloggers you can assist, and maybe lighten their load if no just a little bit.

Let me know what this blog can do for you. Let me know what I can do for you. Please leave a message in either the Comments section below or through my personal email.



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7 responses to “The Golden Rule & Blogging

  1. Megan

    Nice blog, Neal. Right now i dont have a need, but i enjoyed yr post and found many points to agree with. I am toying with the idea of blogging, but boy there are so many, and i am not yet sure i have anything to contribute via the blog , not sure i want to add my straw. And yep, the blog and the ‘leave comment’ sections of blogs, booksellers and networking sites are filling up with the selfserving.

    • thanks, megan, for that wonderful reply. let me say for sure that you do have something to contribute simply because it is coming from you. you might want to read my blog on branding if you haven’t yet. all writing, including blogging, is only successful when it is as individualistic and unique as it can be. if you want to start a blog or build a platform, i would encourage you to try. and if i can help at all, let me know. i’m serious about that

  2. Megan

    Somehow i acidently deleted my confimr option,

  3. DoRchi

    you’ve made a really important point, Neal! I absolutely agree with you!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this. As a newbie on the block, I’ve been really moved by how helpful and supportive and friendly this blogging world is.Reading your post gives me an insight into why this wonderful new world does seem both so interesting, and so enjoyable. Thank you

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