My Review Of Nick Thacker’s Building A Blog For Readers

Too many writers claim to have the answers. In the end, they often answer questions not being asked. Nick Thacker’s Building A Blog For Readers is a book that leaves out the answers, but provides proper questions.

Thacker realizes that most writers get into blogging headlong and headstrong with little idea what they are doing. He lists 101 questions that any serious writer needs to answer before and as he creates his blog. He does not provide any answers because that is something each writer must answer individually.

His book is broken down into six sections: Vision, Purpose, Strategy, Tactical, Structure, and Personal/Lifestyle. There is one final section that is inspiration from other writers.

  • Vision – This section asks questions regarding the Vision for your blog, or, what do you wish to accomplish by writing this blog? Thacker calls it “… your statement of faith, your ‘how to change the world’ mantra, (or) your idea for a better world.”
  • Purpose – This deals with why you specifically are writing this particular blog. Do you wish to use the blog to make money, or do you want to leave a legacy?
  • Strategy – The previous sections are necessary preemptive considerations. Having your overview for you blog, now you can ask and answer the right questions of means for your aspired ends.
  • Tactical – Tactical following Strategy might be the macro and micro management of your blog. Thacker says of the Tactical section, “If Strategy is the overall plan for the blog, the Tactics are the smaller ‘baby steps’ that get us to the finish line.  
  • Structure – This section deals with the content of your blog. Thacker advocates “Pillar Content,” what I have called “Motherload content” in a previous blog. Simply put, you must have a central idea for the content of your blogs.
  • Personal/Lifestyle – We need to make blogging choices that deal with your blog. Such things as your work environment and work schedule are a few things considered.

In the final section, Thacker has several A-list bloggers offer up a few questions on their own that they feel are key. If you think you may start a blog sometime, I highly recommend this book. If you are new to the world of blogging, I recommend this book. If you have been blogging for years, and still know that you need to reassess some things, I recommend this book. I truly now of no one who would not benefit from this book. You can find it on Amazon –

If you’ve read Thacker’s book, leave a Comment and tell us what you think. Or if you have any you want to say about blogging, please do so.



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2 responses to “My Review Of Nick Thacker’s Building A Blog For Readers

  1. Sounds like a very interesting and useful book. Thanks for the pointer.

    • Thanks, Thomas! If you’re interested in reading something that’s more in-depth and talks about the specifics of building an author platform, I just finished a book called Welcome Home: The Author’s Guide to Building A Marketing Home Base.

      Sorry for the shameless sales plug, it’s just that I JUST finished it last week, and I think it’s a great follow-up (or counterpart) to the Building A Blog manifesto.

      Take care!

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