My Interview With Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeauspeaks, writes and travels. He’s been to every country but six. His latest book is The $100 Startup His blog is called The Art of Non-Conformity×5/. I am thankful that he allowed me to interview him for you.

Tell us about your background.
I’m a writer, traveler, and entrepreneur. Before that I was a musician and I worked overseas for several years. 

How do you use the metaphor World Domination?

Pursuing big goals while making the world a better place for others at the same time. 

You also talk often of non-conformity. Does World Domination play a part in that?

Sure. Non-conformity as I define is largely about understanding motivations and questioning assumptions. 

You just finished your second World Domination Summit a few months ago. Will there be a WDS3?

Most definitely! July 5-7, 2013 in Portland. 

You travel more than Santa Claus. Tell us how this wanderlust started.

I like being on the move — relaxing stresses me out. It started about ten years ago when I was an aid worker in West Africa. 

Tell us three very interesting things about you that most of us will not know.

  • My high-school principal had my stepmother’s number on speed-dial. 
  • I’m diagnosed with ADD and see it as a strength instead of a weakness (at least most of the time). 
  • I have coffee and pastry every day at 3pm. 

Thanks to Chris for such wonderful responses. If you have any comments or questions, leave them below. Also, I am near ready to have up and running a monthly newsletter. I will have a sign up on this site (it may be up by the time you read this).


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