Harnessing Your Creativity

 I try to emphasize that I am not just a Writer, but a Creative Writer. I feel as if that is an important distinction to make. Novelists and short story writers go about their business differently than, let’s say, professional writers. So here is some advice on how to stretch wider and dig deeper our creative aptitude.

  • Keep a daily writing journal and chronicle your day’s productivity.
  • Keep a notebook with you at all times for ideas and observations.
  • Learn to be observant.
  • Re-write a piece of yours as a stream of consciousness work and see where it goes.
  • Try clustering.
  • Study nature for simile possibilities.
  • Try pen and paper instead of a keyboard once in a while.
  • Talk to strangers and then write about the experience.
  • Write it out with your other hand. Listen jazz when you write, you’ll internalize their improvisation.

I hope these help. If they do, let me know in the Comments section below. Or, give us your Creativity tips. I’d love to see them.

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