Passion Is Overrated

The life of a writer is very simple one. Creativity abounds in your prose, and inspiration comes rather easily and always when you are ready and wanting to compose. It is quite common to produce 5,000 words in about half an hour, and these words are of such quality that in the first rendering they come together in an almost perfect draft.

Okay, no, not really. I just made that stuff up. It could never be that wonderful. If my good dreams had good dreams, it might be close to that, but they don’t, so it’s not.

The fact is that being a Creative Writer is difficult. There’s writers block to deal with, just as there’s deadlines, schedule issues, content issues, hours of research, rejection, criticism, poor sales, and the frustration of being misunderstood by non-writers. Wow, I just made myself sad just writing about this.

I’ve read a lot of bloggers lately talk about passion: finding your passion, growing your passion, encouraged by your passion. It sounds good, but there is one problem with it – it’s a lot of baloney.

Passion does nothing for you when you are about to miss a deadline, when you eyes are blurry with research, or when you have the block of all blocks. Passion does not keep you from being rejected of criticized, nor does it guarantee sales.

Writers cannot begin with passion, nor can we base our writing careers on it. Instead, we need Commitment. When you don’t want to write, Commitment will make you. When you are blocked Commitment will make you overcome. When you are rejected or criticized, Commitment will help you deal with it.

Commitment is that serious dedication that compels you to be a writer even when you don’t want to be, and we know those times are plenty. We keep on writing because we Committed to being a writer. When times are tough and matters are unbearable, the Committed writer grits his teeth at the Monster, and says, “This is the life I have chosen!”

I don’t wish to dismiss passion, but t needs to know its place. In fact your passion is stronger if your Commitment is solid. People become passionate about the things they are committed to doing. I feel as if I am a passionate writer, but only because I am a Committed writer.

I’m sure you have thoughts on this mater, and I want to hear them. Tell me all about them in the Comment section below. Be sure and check out my Virtual Book Tour page and visit me on all of the blog stops I make. And don’t forget to buy PRINCE when it goes on sale November 6th!


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