What Is And What Shall Be

Even though I had been writing fiction for a dozen years, it was only this year that I started blogging and following other creative writing blogs. I tried to post every Monday and Thursday, even though I missed a few and a couple were late. I look back and think I have something to build on for the future.

What Is

I’ve done my best to inform, encourage, and entertain. Moreover I tried to keep the content consistent because I didn’t want to be all over the map. I strove to write compelling articles in the field of Creative Writing. So as December blows in, I’ve decided to post one more Top Ten list for the year, and it will be a bit of a celebration. Near the end of the month I will post the Top Ten posts taken from A WORD FITLY SPOKEN this year.

I would like your help. Drop me an email at abbott.neal@yahoo.com and tell me which one you liked the best. In the end, I’ll pick the final ten. But your input will greatly help. And everything that makes the final cut that was nominated by a reader will also have that person’s name mentioned as having liked that particular post. You might want to look through the archives, especially if you have not been reading all year. I look forward to your input.

What Shall Be

I have some exciting ides for the new year. First of all, January will be when I finally launch my monthly newsletter, THE PANDORICA OPENS. If you want to be a part of it, send me an email informing me of such (maybe the same email where you nominate a few of my blog posts). TPO will have updates on my writing projects, as well as being a source for feedback, and a stream to various contests and giveaways.

While I will always be writing fiction, next year I plan to start a series of non-fiction projects. In particular, I want to begin a string of compilation books on creative writing, marketing, self-publishing, e-publishing, and platform building. My readers, and particularly those who follow TPO, will be a part of this creative process. Yes, I want you to help me write these books. I think it will be an exciting time for us all.

Next year I plan to venture in the realm of offering literary services. I’ll begin with online Creative Writing classes. I will offer a beginner and an advanced class. Both sessions will be thirteen weeks and each will be done privately, just me and the student, one-on-one. I will also start a book doctoring service for the novelists out there. As you would expect, TPO readers get lovely discounts on these offers.

My blog will be different next year, too. Instead of posts only on Monday and Thursday, WFS will have posts every weekday. I will still have the written articles Mondays and Thursdays, but I will have more articles dealing with motivational themes. In addition to these, I will post a poem on Tuesdays and Fridays. I’ve been reading a bit more poetry lately than I have in a while, and I want to share the beauty of words. Wednesday will have a video post. I am excited about thee new ideas, and I hope they provide some livable content for you, my reader, or otherwise, why do it? I do not forget that you are the reason I do this.

So if you have any ideas about this blog or any projects or services I might wish to consider, let me know. The easiest way is by email. And don’t forget to email me with your favorite posts from this past year for my final Top Ten as well as your TPO subscription. Speaking of Top Ten lists, today, December 3rd, is the last day you can nominate WFS for WritetoDone’s Top Ten list of Creative Writing blogs (http://writetodone.com/2012/11/12/nominate-your-favorite-writing-blog-7th-annual-top-10-blogs-for-writers-contest/). I’d be as happy as a puppy if you put me up for it. Just list me and this blog by name, the website address (https://nealabbott.wordpress.com), and your reason for loving it so much.

The year 2012 has been a wallop of a year for me. I finished a novel and started another. I found a new job and moved across Texas for it. And I started a precious little blog through which I have been favored by having you read it so far this year. I am grateful to you and love you very much for it. Let’s finish ’12 with a fury and conquer ’13 in a maelstrom!



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3 responses to “What Is And What Shall Be

  1. How’s life treating you now, in a new place and with a new job? Where did you end up, anyway? I’m glad you seem to be doing well. 🙂

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