Using The Internet To Go To Your Reader

Some writers try to do too much online. They try to follow and make comments on too many blogs. They are a part of every social media outlet available. They create a blog schedule to cumbersome, and they sometimes miss their own deadlines.

Accomplish more with less. Instead of doing a little on a lot of blogs, focus on a few, the ones where our readers would be. Don’t spend hours on every form of social media, but use quality time on a few or the one that works best for you in reaching readers.

Your internet presence is never about you, but always about the people you are trying to reach online (Tweet this Comment)

Your place online is about you only to the degree that you are trying to attract people to you and your product. For too many writers, when they go online it’s all Me, Me, Me, and they sound like a silly opera singer, a real prima donna! Here are few guidelines to remember so your focus is on readers and not yourself.

  • Realness and Uniqueness draws people better than anything we can pretend to be.
  • Websites and blogs need to be simple, not beautiful.
  • Your Profile on social media needs a real headshot.
  • Also, you bio needs to be first about what you write before your interests.
  • Everything should have a link to your website or blog.
  • Mostly, it’s about accessibility for readers to get to know you and be able to find you.


You may have heard, “If Content is King, then Design is Queen.” That cannot be more wrong. Do you really think people come to and stay with a blog or a website because of how pretty it is? Do all of these online baubles mean anything? No, not at all.

Design does not generate buzz. People don’t get their friends to go to a certain site because of its design. SEO does not take into account design. Content is still King, and design may be some princess. What you have to sell has to be the Prince, and how you engage readers is the Queen: the Sovereign of your hospitality who invites and welcomes her guests.

Social Media

Just as your website or blog should be all about the reader, so too should your use of social media engagements. As with the blog, it’s easy to make it about us, but no one is going to the internet to find you, not unless you have already found them and a bond is already formed between writer and reader.

The purpose of the Platform is connection with others. Blogging and networking mean nothing if you do not connect with other human beings you want to read what you write, whether it is on or offline. Make everything as easy as possible for your reader, they’ll appreciate you for it.

Share this article with other writers you know. They will be glad you did for them the favor your showed them. Also, I want to hear about your internet presence. Tell me what you do for your reader and how you reach out to them. Tell me in the Comment section below.


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