Communicate With Confidence

If life is a steak, then your attitude is barbeque sauce. Every time you take a bite out of life it goes down better with a bit of pepper to it.

I strongly believe that everything undertaken should be done with a sense of boldness. If you’re not going to be bold, then why even try? Successful people are not wimpy people.

Even if I am trying something new, I do it with boldness. If I am attempting something and I don’t know what I am doing, I do it with boldness. Even if I know I am making a mistake, I do it with boldness.

As writers, we need to let our flag fly. I know I am asking a lot because so many writers are introverts (Not me, I am dangerously extroverted). There is something about the solitary nature of writing that appeals to shy people. That is no excuse for a not communicating with confidence.

Confidence Is Not Arrogance

The boldness and confidence that I have in mind is not at all the same as arrogance. I would never advise anyone, especially writers, to write as if the world is lucky to have your words. Some writers are arrogant, and even if they are good writers, they cannot connect to their readers because they see their audience as beneath them.

Many shy writers have confidence in their abilities, even though they would never act superior to anyone. But that is not the same as boldness and confidence. I do believe these qualities come through in our writing. The choice is not between snooty and wimpy. You can have confidence in your ability to write and show that in your writing. That should not put anyone off like the arrogant man, yet draw readers to you as a self-assured writer.

Confidence Equals Credibility

It seems I was taught Aristotle’s Artistic Proofs in every English class I ever had. I recall an occasion when a teacher started talking about ethos, pathos, and …, when I interrupted and said, “and d’Artagnan!” Well I thought it was funny.

Besides logos and pathos, which are logic and emotion, the third artistic proof is ethos. One way of looking at ethos as a rhetorical tool of persuasion is credibility. Who are you to write a novel or a blog post? Your credibility as a writer comes in when your writing needs a sense of heft or gravitas.

Confidence can go along way in giving you as a writer a great deal of credibility and provide your writing its deserved sense of seriousness. Be bold without being arrogant when you write, and don’t be afraid to put it out there.

Your writing deserves to be read because you wrote it (tweet this comment)

Who are you to dare write a book, or a story, or an article? You are you, that’s who! I don’t care about credentials like some NY editor. You existence serves as your credentials. Only you can write the story that is in you, and you can do it better than anyone else. Anyone who says otherwise is just selling something.

You have the right to be confident and self-assured in your writing, so act like it.

I plan to devote the next few weeks in expanding this topic because I believe it is of the utmost importance to writers, both you and me. If you know a fellow writer who can benefit from reading this article, then why don’t you share it with them? And as always, I would love to read your Comments on this topic.


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