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Did you ever write a blogpost and you looked at one great sentence and said Wow to yourself? Sometimes we get a real good one liner. You can enhance your exposure and traffic by making that great line a tweetable comment. I’ll show how to do it.

I have a Word Document saved with this information:

This is the formula to a tweetable comment. I will walk you through the steps. When you are familiar with this process, then you can make tweetables like this:

Learn the formula for creating Tweetable Comments (tweet this comment).

I had no idea how to do this. I taught myself, and when I started I knew nothing. It’s cliché, but if I can do it, well, you know the rest.

How To Hyperlink
The basic first step is knowing how to hyperlink. My Word program is old, I’ll admit, but the basics are the same. So while there may be slight variances, there is nothing too much different than what I am doing.

When I create a hyperlink, I am basically embedding a web address within a word or phrase that when a person clicks will take them to the site of that address. We have all seen these. They are typically in blue and underlined letters.
When I create a hyperlink, I go to Insert and in the dropdown there is a place for me to click that says hyperlink. Not too hard. First I need to highlight the word or phrase I want linked. Once I click on hyperlink I insert the web address at the bottom where it is requested and click OK.

For example, if I wished to set up a hyperlink to my email address, I might say something like “Send me an email,” where I would highlight the word “email.” Click Insert, then hyperlink, then enter my email address at the proper place on the bottom. After I click OK, I will have this: “Send me an email.” If you are curious, try it out here. Click the blue underlined email and send me a message.

And Now, The Formula
So you’ve written than great sentence and you want to make it tweetable. First, I would make this sentence its own paragraph. It’ll make it pop. I also make it bold and with italics. Next to the sentence I put within parenthesis “tweet this quote” or “tweet this comment.” This is the phrase in which I will embed the hyperlink. This formula creates a hyperlink that will automatically tweet your quote when clicked.

All tweetables begin with the same thing, and it’s, The next part of the address is the quote itself. I just copy and paste it after this introduction to the address. Here is something not everybody knows – you need to have “%20” in place of the spaces. I don’t know why, but you do.

Since this tweetable is designed for other people to quote you, and you want credit for the quote, I follow with my Twitter handle, which is @NealAbbott. Don’t forget to put in a %20 for the space.

Here is where you can put in any hashtags you wish to include. For me, I like using #amwriting and #quotes. The first is one authors like and the second is for people who like good quotes. Pretty clear. Use any you like or none at all, but you reach more tweeters with hashtags. Again, you need %20 after each hashtag.

You finish with the actual website you want people to link to on the tweet itself. For example, on this tweetable I am going to include the web address for this particular blogpost. That address would be But this is rather long, especially for a tweet. So I recommend you truncate it somehow. There are plenty of URL shorteners out there. A few are, shrinkthislink, and shrinkthweb. But I’m such a fan of hootsuite, that I use that. I enter the full URL in the space for link and click Shrink. It shows what the new and improved (spacewise) web address is. For example, for this blogpost, it’s

So now plugging everything into the tweetable formula, I have

This is the hyperlink I will use for the parenthetical phrase “tweet this comment” beside my quote. When you do this, you will have something wonderful that looks like this:

Learn the formula for creating Tweetable Comments (tweet this comment)

Try it, you’ll like it! I’ll bet you know some writer who would love you if you shared this information with them. Send them this article and you would have aided your fellowman.

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