Communicate With Confidence – Part One: Look At What You Have Already Accomplished

Are you a writer? Let me rephrase that question. Do you refer to yourself as a writer? Or do you modify it negatively somehow? “I’m an alleged writer,” “I’m a wanna-be writer,” “I’m a part-time writer,” “I’m going to be a writer.”

Get rid of that stinking thinking. You are a writer as long as you write. You may not feel as if right now you write well. Still, you are a writer. You may fret that you are not yet published. The fact remains that you are a writer.

You’ve Done More Than You Think

Unless you are an absolute beginner, having never written a poem or a story, then you have written something, and that counts for a lot. If somehow you are that greenest of novices, you’ve been using letters and words your entire life, and that ain’t the thin salsa.

You’ve written much more than you think you have, and that’s great. Unless you are on your deathbed, you have a lot more to write. It’s nice to think about what we will write about someday. But don’t let this focus on how much more there is for us to write cause us to see our past accomplishments and think that in comparison we have not written much.

Right now you are an experienced writer. You are the crafty veteran whose mind and fingers are full of the craft of composition, and it is wonderous to behold!

It’s Better Than You Imagine

You may be fine with how much you have written, but still feel as if it is not that good compared to how much better you will be. Your quality improves with your quantity, we all know that. But that doesn’t mean that you’re no good now just because you’re bound to get better.

Reread some old stuff, not to see how bad it was but how good it is. You’re clearly better now than when you wrote it, but don’t let that bias you. If you have something published, begin there. Or start with something your Creative Writing professor gave an A. Maybe there is something your friends have always gushed about. Read these again and allow yourself the large room to feel good about yourself as a writer.

You’ve already accomplished much more than you probably have given yourself credit for. Look at how much you have done and how good it actually is. Your confidence cannot help but be bolstered with this recognition. So say you are a writer without any negative slant to it. Say it loud and say it proud. I Am A Writer!


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