Communicate With Confidence – Part Five: Commit Yourself To Success

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Success in any aspect of life is impossible without such contributories as hard work, time management, goal setting, focus on our immediate needs, plus many other elements. All of these logs in the bonfire of achievement can be attributed to one particular facet, without which it might be impossible to accomplish any of these, much less all of them.

The prime flash point for any real accomplishment in life begins, not with the external actions, but with the internal dedication. Success is much more dependent upon our mind and our heart more than our hands.

And so it with us Creative writers, to succeed in any way that we individually define success, it require a daily writing schedule, word count quotas, schedule of what to write on what days, plus, all the menial work of outlining plot and developing characters. But what sets all of this into a glorious blaze is that all too human of our soul’s functions, the will.

Hitting The Wall

Commitment is more than desire, but that iron-guts determination that challenges and promises ourselves that we not only can do this, but that we will. Commitment is not what gets you started, but what helps you finish. There will be many times you wish to give up. Suddenly, the project seems too hard or you feel too inadequate. Commitment is what will help you when you feel like you are fading away. Commitment does not make the hard time any easier, but it won’t let you give up just because thing become difficult.

Biting The Apple

Sometimes it’s not looming failure that threatens us, but meeting the daily task. Things that may be fine to do may have to be sacrificed in order to meet the goal. The ballgame is on. Only if you have finished your writing. Friends have called you over. Tell them you have something to finish first.

I remember a friend in college who had a poster board with 4.0 written on it. When he was tempted to goof off or spend time with friends, he’d see that and be reminded of what was important. Other co-eds might have had more fun, but they didn’t all make straight As.

Taking The Leap

Fear is a great debilitator. It can freeze the greatest among us. Commitment does not douse the ring of fire, it just makes you walk through it anyway. Of all the subjective feelings that can make us stop, this most objective of mental positions can overcome them all, and fear may be the strongest negative emotion.

We may have reasons for why we fear, but in the end, fear is irrational. And yet, our fears make sense to us. We buy into our own mania and allow that to justify giving up. Commitment does not answer our fears, but it finishes the sentence. “I’m afraid, but I promised myself I would finish this, so here I go.”

The commitment to be a successful Creative Writer, in what ever way you define success, is that most vital component to coming out on top. When you have given yourself totally over to success and you know it can be achieved, then your confidence will soar. Your confidence rides the rails of that train that not only assures you that you can, but that you will.



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