Communicate With Confidence: Conclusion – It’s All Great, Unless …

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So by now you have mastered the notion of how to communicate with confidence. You have also probably figured out perpetual motion, atom splitting, and how to fly. The truth is that confidence is something you might not ever be able to master. You and I, we both will spend our lives developing our assurance.

But maybe now you have better tools to work with and a better capacity to accomplish more than you might have before reading this material. To speak the truth, writing these articles has been a wonderful exercise for me in developing the breadth of my own capacity to communicate with confidence, whether it’s with blogposts, novels, short stories, or been personal correspondence.

So now that we are now all brimming over with confidence, what now? There has to be practical upside to all of this. More than that, there may even be a few new responsibilities put before us.

Raise The Bar

What is the use of all this newfound confidence if you are not going to use it to try bigger and better things? Think of all those ideas you’ve had, those literary dreams still in your heart, but never had the nerve to try. Now is the time to dust off that list and seriously think about tackling some of the items on that list. Intimidated with the notion of stating that novel you’ve always wanted to write? No more. Convinced you don’t know enough to start your own blog? Baloney. If not, why? If not now, when? Today is the day you begin what you’ve wanted to do but didn’t have the nerve to try.

Break The Ribbon

I read something a while back that gave me a shiver. There are somewhere between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of finished and unpublished novels. It’s hard to get a firm number, but people in the business ballpark this figure. If this is true, how many unfinished novels are there? Millions. If you have an unfinished novel, now is the time to complete it. That’s true for anything you have unfinished. If you felt before like you couldn’t do it, put on your Lil Engine cap and climb over the mountaintop.

Pay It Forward

Being a Christian gentleman, I believe we are not here just to selfishly suit ourselves, but that we are here for other people. Jacob Marley had it right when he said, “Mankind was my business.” I think writers should not just satisfy themselves or their audience, but other writers, as well. Think of yourself. Your struggles are not unique to you. Other writers have the same problems you do. I know you would appreciate it if someone helped you, and I’m sure that has happened many times before. Why not help someone else? You not only bail out someone who can use your aid, but you help yourself, not only as a writer, but also as a person.

So now you have learned how to communicate with confidence. It’s all great, unless you fail to use it to make yourself and others better writers. I hope this has been the boon for you as it has been for me. If you have at all benefited from these articles, share them with other writers you know. And as always, tell me your thoughts in the Comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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