The Daily Life & The Lifetime Of A Writer – Part One: Disciplined Writing Habits

If for you writing is nothing more than a way to chill out, fill in some of those empty hours, a fun repast that only has meaning because your mommy told you that you used to write the cutest little stories, then you probably don’t need this article. The fact that you are reading this proves how serous you take your craft.

If for you writing is serious, then you know it is more than a simple pastime. Writers write every day. That is a tautology. But being a writer is more than composing prose on a laptop. You may have other things in your life that are vitally important, and as with all things you value the most, writing is what defines you, at least in part.

A Means To An End

Writers must have goals, but success demands much more than that. The daily and regular standards we use are a means to a greater ends. This is especially true for large projects, such as writing novels. Our goals are part of a procedure, our quotas contribute to a method, our daily word count fits into an overall process.

The Habit Of Writing

The best way I can convey this is with the notion of a habit. You can write every day and not be in the habit of writing. Consider habits like always brushing your teeth in the morning and washing your hands before a meal. Those can be done in ways that are thoughtless and almost automatic. Writing is more than a repeated reflex. Creative Writers maintain good writing habits as part of a process to regulate time, but it is much more than that.

Writing Means More Than Writing

Creative Writers become experts in their own procedure to do the best they can and to be as productive as possible. This involves using one’s time well, but also in such mundane things as outlining your novel and developing your characters before you write and editing you drafts after you are done. Our disciplined habits as part of an overall process optimize our productivity.

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