Top Ten List of my Favorite Poems by Sir Alfred Lord Tennyson

Poetry is the music of Creative Writing, and great poetry is the Classical Music. My all favorite poets are Lord Byron and Alfred Lord Tennyson. I have put together a Top Ten List of my favorite Tennyson poems. Each of the titles is a hyperlink so you can read the poem just by clicking on the title.


10. “Break, Break, Break

9. “Recollections Of The Arabian Nights

8. “To Virgil

7. “Of Old Sat Freedom On The Heights

6. “Milton

5. “Charge Of The Light Brigade

4. “The Higher Pantheism

3. “The Lady Of Shalott

2. “Ulysses

1. “Crossing The Bar


It was difficult to bring it down to ten. Maybe someday I’ll come up with a list for Byron. I hope you enjoyed reading these poems. Make a top ten list of your favorite poet. If you’d like, include it in the Comment section below.

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