Top Ten Ways You Can Celebrate Bloomsday


 One of the most celebrated novels is James Joyce’s Ulysses. It details the events of a single day in the life of Leopold Bloom. This day is June 16, 2904. And so, every June 16th is celebrated as Bloomsday. Maybe you’ve never honored Bloomsday or even knew it existed. Or maybe you keep it every year. Regardless, here’s a few things you can do today to celebrate Bloomsday.

10. Enjoy a fried kidney for breakfast along with a cup of hot tea.

9. Discuss the nature of Hamlet’s ghost with yoiur friends.

8. Buy a container of potted meat, without with no home is complete.

7. Mourn loved ones.

6. Insert the word Yes in the middle and at the end of sentences.

5. Write a poem while on the beach

4. Write a love letter and sign it Henry Flower.

3. Duck into the National Museum.

2. Visit a maternity ward in a hospital.

1. Talk about love with those who need to hear it the most

All these and more go on in Joyce’s Ulysses. Do them all and enjoy them. Find other things in the book you can do, as well. Regardless, make sure you live today and every day in contentment regardless of your lot and love all you meet with the compassion they deserve.


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