Firmament Is Now Available On Amazon & Kindle



Firmament is available now.

Love and strife are the two creative elements of the universe. We live day to day, but our existence progresses at great moments. These moments are those of great blessing, but also from terrible suffering. We chose to take the good and bad as each is a crossroads to improve or impair our lives.

Jack Johnson must learn the strain of maturity and responsibility as he approaches the most difficult decision he will ever face. It is the job of his mentor to guide him to this eventuality and make sure he is not distracted by his own selfish desires and appetites.

We all seek a life of peace, just like Jack Johnson. Sometimes rest only comes through struggle. But whatever peace or turmoil we may endure, it would be based upon the choices we would make raised into a grand confluence of all things, the time and chance that happens to everybody, somewhere high above the Firmament.

Purchase your copy now at this reduced rate. Be sure and secure your copy before the price goes up.





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