Top Ten Best Articles of 2014

What better way to end the year than with a year in review type of post? And you know I like Top Ten lists, so I’m giving you my favorite posts for the year. I am not putting down anything from an article series. I had a few of those this year, such as an analysis of the movie The Natural, my novel Siciliana, and my favorite, on Anton Chekhov. I also left of any other Top Ten lists. If you missed any of these, I’m including a link to the articles.

10 “You Don’t Have To Waddle Any More” (Jan 27) – You are capable of much more than you give yourself credit (

9 “The Problems With Adverbs” (Jul 15) – The problem with adverbs is when to use them and when not to use them (

8 “We Are All Lil Engines” (Apr 1) – Self-Doubt will kill any accomplishments you may achieve (

7 “How To Create Interesting Characters” (Jan 14) – All truly interesting literary characters share certain things in common (

6 “How To Insure Your Writing Is Creative” (Apr 14) – In addition to interesting characters, we need to learn how to tell an interesting story (

5 “Your Protagonist’s Needs” (Feb 24) – All of our heroes have certain needs that we need to provide (

4 “Why Dogs Would Make The Best Novelists” (Jan 6) – Dogs are so great at everything else, why not novel writing? (

3 “Deus Ex Machina, Or, Wouldn’t This Be A Good Time For A Piece Of Rhubarb Pie?” (May 26) – There is a right way and the wrong way to rescue our main characters at the end of our story (

2 “What Criminal Minds Has Taught Me About Creative Writing” (Apr 21) – Watching this great crime drama on television helped me as an author (

1 “The Mount Rushmore Of Literature” (Jun 9) – What writers and which books deserve this honor? (

Did I leave anything out? What would you have added or omitted? Please share this article with others writers. I hope you enjoyed reading A WORD FITLY SPOKEN in 2014, and I look forward to blazing a new trail of words and stories with you next year.

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