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With Washington D.C. becoming more Progressive, more Socialistic, and more out of touch, decent citizens were getting fed up. When private ownership of guns was outlawed, that was when the government had gone too far. Texas secedes and Oklahoma joined them in a new Republic of Texas.

The Civil War was brief, but decisive. The leader of the Texas military, Wolfe Harran, was elected the second President of the new Republic. Even before he is inaugurated, he felt his power threatened. The pursuit of power became his obsession, but at a cost he could not afford.

The problem with any Utopia is people, fallible people, are in charge. When anyone chases power over all things, it’s always at the expense of things much more important, like love. The Republic’s favorite son and greatest celebrity, Johnny Mirandola, is used by Wolfe and by his enemies. Lives are sacrifices, as well as the Republic.

ISBN-13: 978-1530937837



Entanglement is my third novel that is set during the Great Depression following Pietas and Bloodhound, which looked at the lives of the average struggling folk of Mississippi and Oklahoma, respectively. But Entanglement is a little different. It’s set in Florida and moves to Cuba and covers a decade beginning in the late 1930s and finishing shortly after World War II. Also, my main character, Rex Monday, is quite well off, even though the times are economically strained. He is old money and part of the idle rich. He wastes his life with gambling and chasing women. But even he avoids love because it would ask too much of him. Rex takes no regard for how his actions might affect the well-being of those around him. What Rex fails to notice is that all of his self-serving deeds ruin his own life. He never realizes that all of our lives, indeed all things, are connected. When his selfishness destroys the lives of other people, he destroys his own since everything is caught up in a Universal system of Entanglement.

ISBN 13:978-1512103830



A great sign greeted roadsters who entered Blanchard, Oklahoma that read This is the home of Oscar Morgan. His notoriety arose from single-handedly capturing a serial killer. Not even the reversed times of the Depression could hold down this accomplishment. He was celebrated nationwide in the newspapers, over the radio waves, and in the matinee news reels. But whether anonymous or notable, Oscar remained a simple man. Blanchard was hardly a large town, but it still had almost too much bustle and goings on for Oscar. He was nothing more than a country gentleman with red-eye gravy running in his veins. Oscar carried himself as a man who could remain decent when surrounded by evil and become righteous although steeped within the dread of his own misdeeds.

ISBN 13:978-1506089645



Two of William Faulkner’s best beloved novels, As I Lay Dying and The Sound And The Fury, come together in this double-sequel. Darl Bundren and Benjy Compson were both committed by their families to the Asylum in Jackson, Mississippi. Pietas is the continuing adventures of these men after they escape the madhouse.

Darl takes responsibility for Benjy’s well-being and sets out to reunite him with his family, but finding Compsons who are both alive and willing to take him is more difficult that Darl had considered.

Darl is constantly tempted to leave it all behind and do what he wants to do, which is go to Paris. But Darl continues to demonstrate the Piety that is seen in a person willing to sacrifice for the good of others. Darl Bundren wanders on a quest to fill a family and solidify a community and learn how to over a variety of obstacles, especially himself.

ISBN-13: 978-1501060885

prince novel


Philip Castile purchases and consumes companies to feed his Conglomerate’s bottom line as well as his tremendous ego. He even buys people, and there are plenty of people who work for him who can be bought. But neither the affection of his son, nor the love of his wife, is for sale.

Through losing Lizzie le Fleur and Roddy Compson, his beloved and his best friend, young Charlie Castile learns to channel his passions in unselfish ways. He is challenged to salvage a small dairy in defiance of his father, and the effort could cost him his life.

Charlie’s struggles are our own. Everyone deals with loss of love. This strife could compel us or consume us. Often this manifests itself in a battle between what we want to do and what we ought to do.

ISBN-13: 978-1481282772




More than anything else Konstantinu Aglieri wants to become to the Don of the Sicilian coastal village of Sciacca. He succeeds but finds the penalty for ambition is more than he can bear.

Giuseppe Albanese feels torn between protecting his family and defending his family’s honor, even from those who are kin. And when he makes the worst choice he can simply by being selfish, his only remedy is to sacrifice himself.

A greedy heart and a vengeful spirit are loathsome vices, but when they are within the same person, no more of a wretched existence can exist. These two transgressions parasite within the Archebishop Arcollo of Palermo. He learns, but only too late, that a man’s sins will find him out.

Siciliana is a tale of a transformative week in Sicily in October of 1909 where souls are formed and eternities determined.

ISBN-13: 978-1500757335



We all seek a life of peace. Sometimes rest only comes through struggle. But whatever peace or turmoil we may endure, it would be based upon the choices we would make raised into a grand confluence of all things, the time and chance that happens to everybody, somewhere high above the Firmament.

ISBN-13: 978-1499603415


gatsby reader

The Gatsby Reader

The Gatsby Reader is an analysis of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic American novel, The Great Gatsby. This book explored Fitzgerald’s use of Nick Carraway as the narrator and how that affects the story. It also looks at this novel as a failed Grail Quest.

ISBN-13: 978-1499549591


From Malachi To Matthew

When one reads the Bible, a few differences appear between the Old and New Testaments. When we close the Old Testament, the Persians are in charge, and suddenly the Romans are running things in the New Testament. We find things in the New not a part of the old, such as the Sanhedrin and synagogues, Pharisees and Sadducees. The period between the testament is a time when God is not communicating to man. But just because God is not speaking, it does not mean that He is not acting. The Intertestamental Period is a fascinating era where the providence of God works the world situation just so that when Jesus does come into the world, it is “the fullness of time” (Galatians 4:4).



Is War & Peace too long for you? Is Harry Potter too juvenile? Is The Da Vinci Code too ridiculous? More importantly, do you have a bathroom?

People with indoor bathrooms are amongst the most well-read people around. And while The Grape Of Wrath may be too sad for you to read while taking a nature break, My Brief Book Of Whimsy is a cracking good read doing something else that doesn’t require too much concentration.

Not since Blaise Pascal’s masterpiece Pensées has there been such a more splendiferous collection of aphorisms that will make you think. Mostly, they’ll make you think, “What’s wrong with this guy?”

My Brief Book Of Whimsy is the perfect companion piece for your other library, the one you actually use. It’s the number one book to go with your number twos!

My Brief Book Of Whimsy

ISBN-13: 978-1975849061


Think Like A Writer

The greatest asset for any Creative Writer is the attitude. To have the disposition of a writer means more than any skills in composition. Think Like A Writer helps the writer develop a healthy outlook toward writing by working on the Focus and the Confidence of any great Creative Writer

ISBN-13: 978-1499503777


wd cover

My Plans For World Domination

Is World Domination possible? Is it even desirable? Yes, and Yes. If you are a writer, you can write a book that can take over the world with an idea. You can write the next book that every body talks about. You can write the next great American novel or how-to book. My Plans For World Domination can give you the confidence to write with the success in your mind that you can dream of.

ISBN-13:  978-1484013496


One of the most difficult subject matters in the Bible has to do with the Holy Spirit. It is sometimes overly complicated by the emotionalism that is often brought to the discussion. And an additional problem that I see is the danger of study for validation or previous convictions and not for true learning. Quite often, this can take the form of shallow study, seeing only what was said before by others, and in a sense, carrying the party line on any given doctrine. Even with diligent study and free thinking, the matter of the function and operation of the Holy Spirit is a difficult matter, if not the most difficult one from Scripture. But this does not mean it is impossible to learn what God has said on this subject. It should not be a frustration that the Bible contains complex and intricate subjects. Coming from the mind of God, this would be expected. And yet as challenging as it may be, the Biblical teachings regarding the Holy Spirit were revealed with the intend from God that they be studied and understood.

Biblical Teachings Regarding The Holy Spirit

ISBN-13: 978-1544844923


My Favorite Cloud

This my first, and so far only, attempt at children’s literature. In my book, My Favorite Cloud, I develop two of the most fundamental qualities that should be cultivated in youth: good manners and a creative imagination. Our young heroin Kendall has an adventure with her new friend Dexter. He shows her worlds she could only dream of before.

ISBN 13:978-1522713852

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