Top Ten Best Blog Posts For 2012

I’ve loved blogging for you this last year, and as I promised you a few weeks ago, I am now going to give you my Top Ten favorite articles that I posted here on A WORD FITLY SPOKEN for 2012. Interviews and other Top Tens were not considered, even though I could tell they were some of your favorites. I’m sticking to what I wrote. If some of these posts seem unfamiliar, go check it out.

10      “A Man Walks Into The Room With A Gun Just As Somewhere A Dog Barks And A Car Does Something Down The Street” July 30

9        “Why Dogs Would Make The Best Novelists” August 21

8        “Layers In Character Development” October 4

7        “7 Things Your Hero Needs” September 6

6        “To Dream The Impossible Dream” July 7

5        “Writing A Compelling Courtroom Scene” November 6

4        “The Challenges Of Writing Historical Fiction” November 30

3        “The Parable Of The Birds” June 8

2        “Why The Great Gatsby Is The Greatest American Novel” June 21

1        “Your Muse Is Dead!” July 16

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. If you have a favorite from this year that I left off, let me know in the Comment section below. THE PANDORICA OPENS will launch soon, so get on board now if you haven’t yet. And one more thing, my friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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2 responses to “Top Ten Best Blog Posts For 2012

  1. Neal, do you remember our colloquy around your Nick Calloway posts? I just reviewed a book that had me thinking Nick Calloway from about Page 10. You might like it, even though I think you’d find it a little light on plot. My review is at

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